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Craft Foam Master: Karliah Cosplay

13 Jun

Hey Guys!

It’s been forever I know, but, I come to you with a great example of working armor with craft foam! Forgive me!!!I stumbled upon this girl through a friend of mine who knew I built my Guild Wars armor. This girl, is AMAZING! Aicosu is apart of a couple cosplay team that are really fantastic. I urge you to use Google and check them out. Not only are they excellent cosplayers, but also very nice and helpful! Aicosu built a Karliah Cosplay from Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls completely out of a catsuit and craft foam.

In her blog, she details out her methods of sealing her craft foam (one of the most important steps) and how she painted it to make it look like leather. Check it out here. While she doesn’t mention how many times she coated it with the Modge Podge, we can be sure it was at least ONE coat. Her costume turned out fantastically and you should check out her work.

Their tumblr: http://aicosu.tumblr.com/

And their Website: http://www.aicosu.com/


Material Monday: Modge Podge

8 Aug

Modge Podge!

What it is: Modge Podge was designed for decoupaging (which is gluing pictures to something). It is an all-in-one sealer and finish.

What it comes in: Jars. They’re are several varieties of Modge Podge, the varieties are: Paper, Fabric, General (the Original Formula), and Outdoor (Which seals terra cotta, wood, slate and tin). Modge Podge also comes in a variety of finishes including: Gloss, Matte, Satin, Brushstroke, and Shimmer (Metallic).

What it does: Seals craft foam, and creates a paint-able surface for Craft Foam (3-8 coats), Wonderflex (5-8 coats +), and wood.

What it can go over: Acrylic Paint.

Places to Buy:Its sold at most craft stores like AcMoore, Michaels, Jo-Anns, and Hobby Lobby. You can also purchase it directly from the source at Plaid products online.

Pros: Fast Drying, has a variety of uses, extremely handy, water soluble, non-toxic

Cons: Just because it has a variety for fabric, doesn’t mean you should use it for that. Does not work on all projects.

Helpful Hint:  Its best to apply it with a foam brush to keep brush strokes from becoming visible.



Claymore Cosplay, used Modge Podge


Headband with Glitter made with Modge Podge

He attatched these ears using Modge Podge