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Tutorial Tuesday: Sprucing Up a Wig

29 Nov



Cosplay Inspiration: Forsaken Vampire

16 Nov

Such craftmanship is outstanding!

Cosplay by JiakiDarkness Photography by YukiGodBless

Tutorial Tuesday: Patterning for Cosplay

25 Oct

Shameless plug.


Cosplay Inspiration: Aerith

12 Oct

Look look look! I got it in before 4pm!

A beautiful melding of location, photography, and an epic cosplay!

Aerith by Priestess-Shizuka, Photo by liberty-hateless @ DeviantArt

Tutorial Tuesday: Making Armor That Stay’s On!

11 Oct

I’m sorry!I’m sorry!I’m sorry!I’m sorry!I’m sorry!I’m sorry!

You know you ❤ me.

Cosplay Tutorial: Cosplay Photography

27 Sep



By Risachantag @ Deviantart