Cosplay Inspiration: Forsaken Vampire

16 Nov

Such craftmanship is outstanding!

Cosplay by JiakiDarkness Photography by YukiGodBless


Tutorial Tuesday: Steampunk Goggles

15 Nov

This one has been in my favorites for a while!

by Fenris the Red Wolf

Cosplay Inspiration: Ramierz

9 Nov

Cosplay by a-amamiya, Photography by Yama

Material Monday: Call for Materials!

7 Nov

So, I am running out of ideas for materials to cover for MM.

What would you guys like to see featured and talked about?

Previously featured materials:

+ Wonderflex

+ Styrene

+ Craft Foam

+ Fiberglass

+ Hot Glue

+ Plasti-Dip

+ Fosshape

+ Modge Podge

+ Das Modeling Clay

Cosplay Inspiration: Sora

2 Nov

Tutorial Tuesday: Zuko’s Scar

1 Nov

Presented by the lovely oOKimbaOo