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9 Feb

The best video on glues! Also, feel free to google and check out “This to That” A glue website that helps you glue things together!

Glitter N Glue DIY The Best Glues To Use YouTube VideoThe question I get asked most often is… “What kinda glue should I use to [insert project here]?”  I know the glue isle at Michael’s can be daunting. You have the tacky glue, the cement glue, the fabric glue, the quick dry glue, the glue that does on white but is susposta dry clear and so on and so on. Well don’t you worry because I’m here to help! Check out this video of my top three products and what I use them for.

Feel free to share your glue favorites in the video’s comment section. Share the video with your crafty friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the GNG YouTube channel!

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K-Pop Choir

17 Oct

So random but I thought you might enjoy this =]

Cosplay Inspiration: Bellatrix

28 Sep

So…I kinda keep forgetting what day it is ><

Bellatrix by Die-Chan @Deviantart

Changes and Posts

12 Sep

Hey guys, I am now attending SCAD University and as such, I won’t be able to keep up with MM posts every week.

So, MM will become a bi-weekly posting. (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not)

ALSO, There will be no new posts this week. AT ALL, because of new classes and moving.

We will pick back up next week for ya!

I’m sorry. =[

Getting Judged, Helpful Hints

7 Aug

At Otakon last weekend I attended a panel called “Costuming for Competition and Art”by Ana Aesthetic, Sam, and Steven (Sam and Steven are UMA Cup Champions)

It was epic. They were so open and easy to approach about their approaches to costumes and what materials they had used.

Best panel ever. Anyways, I’d thought I’d share some of the tips and suggestions they gave the room about being Judged, the next few weeks’ posts will probably be inspired by them.

Tip #1: What are you judged on?

Craftsmanship, Accuracy (two of the most common factors), and Embellishment (If you did it, why?)

These criteria vary based on competition. If you want to know exactly what you will be judged on, it’s best to go to the convention’s website and poke around the Costume Judging section to find the rules and regulations.


Always. Always. Always. As many as you can. In as many angles as you can. This helps with the accuracy points.

Tip #3: Progress Shots go leaps and bounds.

Ana talked about a particular incident where a girl being judged hadn’t thought to bring progress shots and she didn’t end up winning because even though her sewing was fabulous, it was almost too fabulous. They couldn’t verify that she had actually made her costume.

Even if they are just cell phone pictures (hehe, mine are) it keeps you from being accused of buying the costume and taking credit.

Tip #4: Don’t Discourage Yourself

Just because you think your costume is crap, doesn’t mean it actually is. Don’t let that keep you from entering. Sam cited a moment where they entered a compeition and then were bumped from the Novice division to the Masters Division because the judges thought their costumes were so great.

Tip #5: Showmanship vs. Craftsmanship

One of the more interesting things Ana, Sam, and Steven pointed out was the difference in costuming for the Stage and costuming for walking around hallways. They encouraged us to make sure that we crafted for Showmanship when we needed to. Even if the fabric looks horrible in normal light, if you know its going to look amazing on stage, do it. You may have to defend it to the judges, but that’s OK.

Guild Wars Cosplay: Otakon 2011

4 Aug

So, I debuted my Silver Eagle Armor from GWs at Otakon 2011.

Super uncomfortable but still awesome looking. Saw a Gwen and an Eve. ^^

I wish I had better photos =/But my searching online for Otakon 2011 cosplays hasn’t been forthcoming on my own costume.

I found both my friends ><

Guild Wars Cosplay Silver Eagle Armor