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Cosplay Inspiration: Bride of the Water God

30 Nov

One of my favorite Manga’s in exsistance, it’s so gorgeous!

And this cosplay makes it.

Cosplay by Zingruby, Inu Ken, and Shiro Su, Photography by Velvetsse


Tutorial Tuesday: Sprucing Up a Wig

29 Nov


Cosplay Inspiration: Forsaken Vampire

16 Nov

Such craftmanship is outstanding!

Cosplay by JiakiDarkness Photography by YukiGodBless

Tutorial Tuesday: Steampunk Goggles

15 Nov

This one has been in my favorites for a while!

by Fenris the Red Wolf

Cosplay Inspiration: Ramierz

9 Nov

Cosplay by a-amamiya, Photography by Yama

Material Monday: Call for Materials!

7 Nov

So, I am running out of ideas for materials to cover for MM.

What would you guys like to see featured and talked about?

Previously featured materials:

+ Wonderflex

+ Styrene

+ Craft Foam

+ Fiberglass

+ Hot Glue

+ Plasti-Dip

+ Fosshape

+ Modge Podge

+ Das Modeling Clay