Material Monday: Fiberglass

3 Oct

Disclaimer: This is a severe over-simplification of Fiberglass, please, please do NOT use

this as your only reference when working with this material!


What it is: Typically, Fiber Reinforced Plastic which is a composite material. It is a cloth mat that is made up of glass fibers.

What it comes in: A woven ‘cloth’

What it does: Creates an extremely hard, durable prop

What Can Go Over It: Paint, Bondo

What It Goes Over: A mold, wonderflex, and insulation foam can all be used as bases

Places to Buy: You need to buy TWO PARTS the resin (recommding Polyester, because it’s easier to work with) and the cloth. The cloth is here: Amazon, Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot. The resin: Amazon, Boats Plus

Pros: Good, solid lightweight option for armor, props and other surfaces

Cons: Gooey and runny when first put on, then spikey and sharp when dried if not sanded. Toxic fumes.

Helpful Hint: Look at SEVERAL tutorials on fiberglass prop/armor making BEFORE buying a thing. Fiberglass is an advanced material and as such, should be researched properly before beginning.


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