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Cosplay Inspiration: Ashura

26 Oct

Cosplay by Qi Si . Photography by KiraWinter


Tutorial Tuesday: Patterning for Cosplay

25 Oct

Shameless plug.


Cosplay Inspiration: Resident Evil

19 Oct

In honor of SCAD’s Nerf/HvZ Team

I found this.

I love you guys =]

by Adaman77, Full Credits See Page

Cosplay Tutorial: Fake Abs!

18 Oct

Okay, so I tried to create a tutorial for you guys, but it didn’t get done in time

Obviously.Since it’s 8 EST and it’s not halfway done.

SO! Here’s this most amazing cosplay tutorial by Aby!

K-Pop Choir

17 Oct

So random but I thought you might enjoy this =]

Tunesday: “Bbi-Ri-Bop-A”, Narsha

13 Oct

Okay, so Narsha is amazing.

(ithinkshemaybebetterthangaga) O.O