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Tunesday: Dance Moves!

29 Sep

Okay, so it’s a variety of music!

they were too epic not to show


Cosplay Inspiration: Bellatrix

28 Sep

So…I kinda keep forgetting what day it is ><

Bellatrix by Die-Chan @Deviantart

Cosplay Tutorial: Cosplay Photography

27 Sep



By Risachantag @ Deviantart

Cosplay Inspiration: Wings!

21 Sep

So, I had an order in which I was posting the CI.

But when I saw this, it was love at first sight.

And get this, they are made of paper!

Tutorial Tuesday: Spikey Wig!

20 Sep

You will do it at one time or another.

You just don’t know it yet.

Tutorial by TwinFools @ DeviantArt

Material Monday: Styrene

19 Sep

And we’re back!



What it is: A plastic. Considered toxic in it’s gaseous/liquid form.

What it comes in: Sheets, of various sizes. I have also seen them in tubes and foam blocks/sheets

What it does: Creates a hardened layer, like wonderflex, to make armor.

What Can Go Over It: Paint, gesso, hot glue….

What It Goes Over: It needs a base and usually is matched with craft foam.

Places to Buy: cosplaysupplies,com,,, even

Pros: Good, solid lightweight option for armor,

Cons: Won’t take hits very well like WF,

Helpful Hint: Check out The Prop Bible by Teresa Dietzinger. They are worth every penny in terms of information on making stuff, including working with Styrene.