Material Monday: Fosshape!

22 Aug



What it is: A unique non-woven, heat-activated fabric. The fabric can be formed and shaped into objects when exposed to steam, heat or dry heat (like a heat gun/hairdryer).  It remains full permeable and breathable following heat activation, making it a safe and easy-to-use.

What it comes in: Sheets. Usually a 45″ width, and slightly thinner than wonderflex.

What it does: Allows cosplayers the ability to make firm, but pliable objects. It sticks to itself as well as wonderflex and other objects with hot glue.

What it can go over: Wonderflex, molds…

Places to Buy: Dazian,

Pros: Can be worked with less expensive items like a hot glue gun, iron, heat gun, ect., lighter and more flexible then wonderflex, cut-able with a knife or scissors,

Cons: Expensive, felt-like in texture, has a higher heating temperature than Wonderflex


Base made from fosshape


Made with fosshape (I suspect its the horns, or the base for the head)



2 Responses to “Material Monday: Fosshape!”

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