Material Monday: Advanced Wonderflex

15 Aug

So, I had to showcase this. Today’s not so much about what wonderflex is, or how to work with it.

‘Today, is about what you can do with it.

This girl created Wheatley from Portal 2 with wonderflex and I just had to show you!

Wheatley as florists foam

Here, she glued florists foam together then sanded it into a circle. She then drew on the patterns for his outer form

This is where she added layers of wonderflex to build up the shape.

Here she had already cut Wheatley in half and proceeded to cover the insides with wonderflex. This was to make sure that Wheatley would fit back together.

You can see that she’s now covered the inside completely, fitted Wheatley back together and then used latches and some more wonderflex to put the two sides together.

And here’s Wheatley finished. She used Apoxie Scuplt overtop of the Wonderflex to create the hard edges she needed. Check out her full walkthrough on her blog:



One Response to “Material Monday: Advanced Wonderflex”

  1. Brian Jeffrey August 15, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    AWESOME …..thanks for sharing the “Wonders of WONDERFLEX”. Disney has been using my WONDERFLEX for years now for simliar props and animatronics.

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