Material Monday: Modge Podge

8 Aug

Modge Podge!

What it is: Modge Podge was designed for decoupaging (which is gluing pictures to something). It is an all-in-one sealer and finish.

What it comes in: Jars. They’re are several varieties of Modge Podge, the varieties are: Paper, Fabric, General (the Original Formula), and Outdoor (Which seals terra cotta, wood, slate and tin). Modge Podge also comes in a variety of finishes including: Gloss, Matte, Satin, Brushstroke, and Shimmer (Metallic).

What it does: Seals craft foam, and creates a paint-able surface for Craft Foam (3-8 coats), Wonderflex (5-8 coats +), and wood.

What it can go over: Acrylic Paint.

Places to Buy:Its sold at most craft stores like AcMoore, Michaels, Jo-Anns, and Hobby Lobby. You can also purchase it directly from the source at Plaid products online.

Pros: Fast Drying, has a variety of uses, extremely handy, water soluble, non-toxic

Cons: Just because it has a variety for fabric, doesn’t mean you should use it for that. Does not work on all projects.

Helpful Hint:  Its best to apply it with a foam brush to keep brush strokes from becoming visible.



Claymore Cosplay, used Modge Podge


Headband with Glitter made with Modge Podge

He attatched these ears using Modge Podge



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