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Cosplay Inspiration: Rikku!

31 Aug

Cosplay by Sweet Illuzions

Cosplay by sweet-illuzions, Photography by Snowchef


Tutorial Tuesday: Sora’s Shoes

30 Aug

Hopefully everyone survived the hurricane!

We just got power back in time for Tutorial Tuesday!

This tutorial is not only about one of the hardest things about Cosplays, but features Plasti-Dip!

by RavenHedgehog

Cosplay Inspiration: Yuna

26 Aug

I love it when they look like the character!

Cosplay by Maryru, Photography by Zahnpasta

Tunesday: Tsubasa Ni Koi

25 Aug

Normally I don’t pick the No. 1 song of the charts because I want to expose (somewhat) unknown artists.

But it grew on me.


I also appologize for dissapearing yesterday, I got swamped with a massive migraine and had to go to the doctor.

CI will be posted on Friday!

Tutorial Tuesday: Resin Cast Jewels

23 Aug

Totally borrowed from Vintage-Aerith at DeviantArt

Everyone will need one at sometime or another!


Material Monday: Fosshape!

22 Aug



What it is: A unique non-woven, heat-activated fabric. The fabric can be formed and shaped into objects when exposed to steam, heat or dry heat (like a heat gun/hairdryer).  It remains full permeable and breathable following heat activation, making it a safe and easy-to-use.

What it comes in: Sheets. Usually a 45″ width, and slightly thinner than wonderflex.

What it does: Allows cosplayers the ability to make firm, but pliable objects. It sticks to itself as well as wonderflex and other objects with hot glue.

What it can go over: Wonderflex, molds…

Places to Buy: Dazian,

Pros: Can be worked with less expensive items like a hot glue gun, iron, heat gun, ect., lighter and more flexible then wonderflex, cut-able with a knife or scissors,

Cons: Expensive, felt-like in texture, has a higher heating temperature than Wonderflex


Base made from fosshape


Made with fosshape (I suspect its the horns, or the base for the head)