Material Monday: DAS Modeling Clay

25 Jul

Material Monday’s have gotten popular =]

DAS Air Drying Clay

What it is: An Air-Drying, mold-able clay that is non-toxic.

What it comes in: 1 pound and 2 pound packages of rectangular shape. It comes in white and terra-cotta color.

What it does: Allows the user to mold clay pieces without having to fire or glaze the clay.

What it can go over: I tried it out over a wire frame and it seemed relatively wonderful, it has also been used to cover over wood objects (you have to wet the wood first, however). It also does well with being rolled onto a flat sheet.

Places to Buy:Its sold at most craft stores like AcMoore, Michaels, Jo-Anns, and Hobby Lobby.

Pros: Air drying, sandable, texurable

Cons: takes 24 hrs to dry, doesn’t like to be added to itself (attaching two separate pieces of das clas while it is still wet), drys out in air very quickly,

Helpful Hint:  To work with the clay, put the entire contents into a Ziploc bag and keep it in the refrigerator. Only remove what you think you will need and use water to keep the clay moist and flexible.

Gallery (I apologize, I couldn’t find a lot of pictures with the clay)

You can see the clay WAY up in the left hand corner

Made by Bodhi Blastia


All of these were made using Das Clay


If you have a project that you used Das Clay for, let us know and we’ll post it up in the gallery!


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