Material Monday: Plasti-Dip

20 Jun

Plasti-Dip Cans

Hello everyone! I’m aiming to set you off on a nice course this week with our first ever feature of Material Monday! Material Monday will happen every week (unless I get swamped with work) and will showcase a new material that you cosplayer’s can work with. I’m hoping to cover Wonderflex, Craft Foam, acrylic paint, Resin, and many other materials. This first week we will cover the product Plasti-Dip.

*** I am not affiliated with any of the products or their companies***

What it is: Plasti-Dip is a multi-purpose rubber coating. It’s flexible and washable and paint-able.

What it comes in: Plasti-Dip has two ways of application. One, is like a spray paint can. The second method is a can, where you need a brush to apply it.

What it does: For foam, creates a primer layer and a sealer layer in one. In cases where you want to create a leather look to the foam, two coats of the spray or one coat of the dip seems to work. The material (when dry) is waterproof, fire resistant and non-conductive.

How you work with it: First, you need to start with a clean surface. PD is NOT going to smooth out any nicks or bumps in your foam. So if you have nicks already this stuff is not going to help it. If you have a surface ready, you simply spray the application a good foot away. I tried spraying it closer and all it does is create a pebbled texture to the foam. If you are painting it, use a foam brush and apply thin coats. It dries in about an hour and is ready to paint on!

Common Uses: People (including me) seem to prefer it on craft foam, EVA foam, Wonderflex, and insulation foam

What can go over it: So far, anything.  Acrylic paint seems to work the best if you want a paint application.

Where you can buy it: Lowes, Home Depot

Down Sides to Plasti-Dip: Wrinkles when bent but seems to go back to normal without any permanent damage. A look at the wrinkling here.

Projects its been used in:

Sub-Zero Costume/Cosplay WIP by Ronster

Plasti-Dip used to create the red body

Gas Mask by Little Lady, painted with Plasti-Dip

Black Plasti Dip on Pants used by Dr. Melbourne

Minotaur Head by KomicKrazy

Armor by Kommissar

Have any pictures of your costume with Plasti Dip? Let me know and I’ll link you!


2 Responses to “Material Monday: Plasti-Dip”

  1. bleach Cosplay costumes June 5, 2013 at 1:31 am #

    It’s hard to come by educated people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


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