Aging/Distressing Armor

17 Jun

So, I’ve weathered my armor!!! It took me a while to figure out how to finish and paint the craft foam. First, I tried Peniwiper’s method with Future Floor Wax and Rub N’ Buff. When that started to crack, I was recommended to try ‘Scrim’ which is a combination of water, sobo glue, and fabric glue. This worked fine but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. Then a wonderful person recommended Plasti-Dip which is this fantastic thing that you spray and out comes magic plastic!!! Magic plastic!!! It not only seals the foam but acts as a primer coat as well. Wonderfully epic stuff.

Anyways, I first painted the pieces with silver (one coat with Lumiere Metallic Paint in Pearl and one coat in Liquitex Basic Silver) and then painted it with black. Before the black dried I then wiped it off with a damp tissue. 120 tissues later all of my armor had been aged!! Depending on how “aged” you want the armor depends on how long you let the black sit on the piece before wiping it off.


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