9 Feb

The best video on glues! Also, feel free to google and check out “This to That” A glue website that helps you glue things together!

Glitter N Glue DIY The Best Glues To Use YouTube VideoThe question I get asked most often is… “What kinda glue should I use to [insert project here]?”  I know the glue isle at Michael’s can be daunting. You have the tacky glue, the cement glue, the fabric glue, the quick dry glue, the glue that does on white but is susposta dry clear and so on and so on. Well don’t you worry because I’m here to help! Check out this video of my top three products and what I use them for.

Feel free to share your glue favorites in the video’s comment section. Share the video with your crafty friends and don’t forget to subscribe to the GNG YouTube channel!

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Craft Foam Inspiration: Lineage 2

16 Jun

Craft Foam Master: Karliah Cosplay

13 Jun

Hey Guys!

It’s been forever I know, but, I come to you with a great example of working armor with craft foam! Forgive me!!!I stumbled upon this girl through a friend of mine who knew I built my Guild Wars armor. This girl, is AMAZING! Aicosu is apart of a couple cosplay team that are really fantastic. I urge you to use Google and check them out. Not only are they excellent cosplayers, but also very nice and helpful! Aicosu built a Karliah Cosplay from Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls completely out of a catsuit and craft foam.

In her blog, she details out her methods of sealing her craft foam (one of the most important steps) and how she painted it to make it look like leather. Check it out here. While she doesn’t mention how many times she coated it with the Modge Podge, we can be sure it was at least ONE coat. Her costume turned out fantastically and you should check out her work.

Their tumblr: http://aicosu.tumblr.com/

And their Website: http://www.aicosu.com/

Material Monday: Gesso

26 Dec

And we’re back with a vengeance!!!


What it is: A liquid that is a mixture of white paint and a binder and has some carbon in it to increase absorbancy.

Important Note: Today’s Gesso in a craft store is caled Acrylic gesso because of its mixture of acrylic paint, binder and carbon. Traditional gesso is actually a mixture of glue (usually rabbit skin), chalk, binder, and white pigment. Both are used in priming canvas’. However, Traditional Gesso easily cracks and should only be used for hard surfaces, such as walls and boards.

What it comes in: Various sizes of jars, you can also buy it by the gallon at some local craft stores.

What it does: Provides a base layer upon which to paint a surface. Also, on wonderflex, it creates a surface that covers up the texture.

What Can Go Over It: Mainly paint, but virtually anything.

What It Goes Over: Canvas, paper, cardboard, wonderflex. It would probably be easier to say what it didn’t go over, which is fabric.

Places to Buy: The local craft store like Michaels, A.C. Moore, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby will have it the cheapest, but you can also get it online at Amazon

Pros: Good cover surface, great base layer for paint. Covers texture in multiple layers.

Cons: If you use Gesso to cover texture, be prepared to sand (various grits) and paint in several layers (10+) depending on the texture.

Helpful Hint:  You can check out several threads and forums online to ask questions and see what other people are doing with it:



Cosplay Inspiration: Bride of the Water God

30 Nov

One of my favorite Manga’s in exsistance, it’s so gorgeous!

And this cosplay makes it.

Cosplay by Zingruby, Inu Ken, and Shiro Su, Photography by Velvetsse

Tutorial Tuesday: Sprucing Up a Wig

29 Nov